This is an example of our 'responsive' web design for desktop, iPads and smartphones.

2012 Timberland Boots eCommerce Site

A new design for an affiliate Timberland Boot, Shoe, bags & clothes website.

The layout uses the full width of the screen, working as well on large desktop computers as wide-screen laptops and iPads. Each web-page is cleverly split horizontally to separate images and navigation from text. The site parses a data-feed to produce separate pages for the site without any user intervention.

All sites in the series are hosted by iCatching and connect to one of more common databases. As a web developer and hosting company, we can ensure everything works smoothly together so that all sites can be easily maintained.

Virtual Business

This is a new iteration of a website design for a series of websites all selling various brands of shoes. Although the company is based in Thame, Oxfordshire, the shoes are all handled from various other stores around the country - a true 'virtual business'.

Affiliate Website

The site is designed with a back-end mySQL database that holds data on the shoes and can be quickly updated by loading up a new data file. The data is from a third-party store that sells shoes - this site just acts as an advertisement for the shoes, and then passes the enquiries to the shoe shop site - sales result in commission being paid back to the 'affiliate' site.

Designed for mobile media - iPads

The website is designed to break out of the usual square box shape and completely fill the display area of an iPad in two parts. The top half of the web page design shows a large image and the price, and has the navigation for the website. The lower half carries all the details and any discount information. The same design was used on other sites in the series for Converse shoes by producing new graphics that reflected the brand, and amending the code to arrange the navigation, e.g. different show colours.


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