This is an example of our 'responsive' web design for desktop, iPads and smartphones.

2011 Steel Toecap Boots and Trainers Affiliate Website

A website selling steel toecap boots & shoes created around a datafeed from a leading DIY store. The programming reads in just the products related to the web- site and then performs some complex data manipulation using PHP to sort and output the information in a usable format.

This an affiliate site taking a large data feed from Screwfix and filtering out everything except the items required - steel toecap safety footwear.

Because the data feed is in a known format and the contents of the text description fields are reliably formatted, we can extract information from a set of chunks of text and format that in a specified style, placing parts of the text in specific places.

For example, the site lists the same item of footwear multiple times according to the sizes available - however, it would be silly to list these on a website separately. So, the website code looks through the data feed and arranges the items so that only a single 'product' is displayed, but with all of the sizes offered. We can then also use the size information for navigation - users can display all shoes of a particular size.

We also pull out various sections from the descriptive text according to what words we know we'll find, e.g. specifications and features.

The site design is gritty and chunky to clearly set the mood for the subject matter.


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