This is an example of our 'responsive' web design for desktop, iPads and smartphones.

2016 Oakdene Hollins, Aylesbury Research Consultants

We were delighted to be invited to redesign the OHL web-site for a fourth iteration over almost 20 years years (the previous version was from 2009)! The new site updates graphics and layout to a more modern style in line with their corporate scheme and brings new pages to reflect their current business.

The site is fully mobile-friendly and exhibits a reallty useful navigation menu style to help people quickly get to the right page.

We've created many websites for Oakdene Hollins over the years and have built a happy working relationship with them. Working from the Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire offices, they cover consultancy work in many industries country-wide and beyond.

This was their main web-site selling their services in a number of key business areas. A key feature of the site is making it interactive, so users get the basic information they need, but can choose to open up panels to see more detail. This also makes the site appear less cluttered, so inviting people to read the content. Various icons display a modal pop-up in the screen, that vanishes after a set period of time.

One recent change is to remove the need to register and log in to view their varied reports and case studies - it can be a hard decision on whether to control such access but gain knowledge on who reads what, against allowing everybody to use the site freely. The latter also has the advantage of allowing Google and other search engines to view all parts of the site, including pdfs. Reports can be added and allocated to various pages using an online database and easy-to-use CMS admin site.


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