This is an example of our 'responsive' web design for desktop, iPads and smartphones.

2011 Power Tools Affiliate Site

A striking new design for a power-tool web-site concentrating solely on selling Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) cordless drills and similar tools. The site has separate pages for major brands such as Bosch Li Ion cordless drills and DeWalt professional cordless power tools.


We wanted to produce something visually exciting and very much different from the usual boring square box most DIY websites use. Although the PNG image of the drill is quite a large file-size, other images used are quite small - and since mots people have reasonable broadband nowadays, we think larger images are generally ok. It would have been even better to have a responsive website where the display altered itself for mobile users (so we could have turned off large images), but we generally have strict budgets.

This is an affiliate website where the product data and images are fed from another company. We shop up the data file to extract the parts we want, and reassemble it again in the positions and formatting we require.

As is often the case, what really makes a site stand out is the detail. So, the detail in the main photo is important, as is the ability to zoom in on product photos. One last little touch is the graphic formatting of the images on the product page to simulate a photo held down with a bit of sticky tape!


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