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2006 The Piggy Squire Pig Roasts

The Piggy Squire prepares and cooks locally sourced pig-roasts, lamb-roasts and beef-rib roasts at your party or event. Their local Oxfordshire butcher provides quality meat and their trained chefs set everything up and cook the ford for you. They also do barbeques and innovative vegetarian menus. This web-site has helped bring them as much new business as they can cope with at times!

This was a website for a new start-up small business in Bicester, Oxfordshire. At the time, every other pig-roast site we could find looked home-made and awful, so we were determined to give The Piggy Squire a website design better than any other in the UK!

The design is now quite old in internet terms and we'll be redesigning it at the end of the 2013 season. However, it still looks pretty good, and we've seen quite a few similar 'copies' amongst other catering companies!

Attractive Website Design

Apart from an attractive design, clear navigation was important, as people want to go straight to the content that allows them to decide if it's worth reading on. The text is well-written and we include some nice photos to illustrate the business - the old maxim "sell the sizzle, not the sausage" works here - we'd rather see photos of people enjoying the delicious crispy crackling than some raw pork chops! The images are quite small, because fewer people had fast broadband in 2006, but a next-generation website design would have much bigger images.

Customer Testimonials Web-Page

The website has been extremely successful for the owners - in fact, their whole business relies on it. We were able to include a page full of dozens of testimonials from their happy customers - this is a good idea as it gives new potential clients confidence they'll get the same great service. The photo gallery also includes many images taken during pig-roasts as well as images of the food

Web Stats

We host the website for The Piggy Squire and provide detailed real-time web-stats for them These are useful, not so much for how many 'hits' they get, but to see from where they get referrals and which pages in the website are most popular..


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