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Oxfordshire-based Web design and development services for business

Web development software


Like any profession, it's possible to create a website for yourself - there are plenty of tools and advertisers to tell you how easy it is! Equally, you could write a best selling novel, give your family swish hair-cuts or create a masterpiece to display in the Louvre; all you need are a pen and paper, some scissors and a set of paints and brushes...


Doing a great design job with excellent value

Of course, if you're going to do a job, then it's good to know that it's done well. Especially when the result can affect your income, your business, your livelihood and career. Apart from being able to create something that looks great, you'll need to know how to make your site unique to you and reflect your style and ethos. You'll need to know what sort of content works in attracting and converting business.


Web design & development IT skills

Web development software


We firmly believe that web-design isn't an IT matter. For sure, the design process uses computers, but then so does children's book-writing. However, underneath a great-looking web-site sits a pile of computer code just waiting to ensnare you with obscure routines and results. How best to handle different browsers, especially with new media such as tablets and iPhone screens. How to get the best out of your site with Google and the other search engines. How to make your site quick to load and easy to use. What technologies to use - Wordpress, PHP, MySQLi, Joomla, XHTML, RSS, Web 2.0 ... it's literally a different language.


Leave it all to us!

Complete website service


Help is at hand, though - employ iCatching Design Ltd to handle everything from start to finish while you continue with what has brought you success so far - running your day to day business

Amongst other things, iCatching will buffer you from the problems of:

  • Domain name registration - which domains are required & and which registrar to use
  • Web Hosting - choosing the best value web-hosting package that meets your needs and allows room for growth
  • Setting up web-stats, email accounts, databases, SSL security certificates
  • Producing creative graphics for a brilliant web-page design - and how to optimise them to look their best without slowing the website
  • Coding the site in a modern standards-compliant technique that'll make sure all browsers will display the site
  • Allowing for users of varying disabilities
  • Dealing with new media such as iPads and iPhones - view this site on a smartphone to see how it automatically redraws itself to cope
  • Handling sensitive data correctly and ensuring the best security
  • What to do about your legal requirements such as distance-selling and EU cookie regulations
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - what needs doing and how to avoid getting ripped-off by SEO cowboys


Use iCatching Design Ltd for your next business website

We have years of experience in converting your hard-earned web-design budget into an efficient and profitable website. We encourage you to browse our portfolio of web-designs and visit some of our clients' websites - we include links to all our portfolio items because we're proud of our web development work and are quite happy for you to contact previous clients for references. We've put a few endorsements from happy customers over there in the right-hand column on this page.


The call to action

Here's our final lesson on web-design for today - it's all very well having a website that wows your audience but please don't leave them sitting there thinking "ok, so now what?"

Always have a "call to action" on a web page where you're expecting to sell a product or a service. It could be something interactive (e.g. people who viewed this bought this...), or a link elsewhere, a pdf, even just a suggestion to contact you.

So, here's our call to action - if you have a need for a business website, iCatching Design Ltd will produce something terrific and with great value so email iCatching right away! There's no obligation to buy - apart from the call charge it's free to talk to use! We're based in Bicester, Oxfordshire, handily close to the M40 if you'd like us to visit.

Oh, and there are also some handy web design guides over in the right hand column for you to download for free if you still want to have a go yourself!