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2009 Online Shoe Shops

A series of branded footwear web-sites all using a common design with tweaks for specific site requirements. Shoe brands include Dr Martens Crocs, Ugg, Nike, Puma, Adidas, Skechers, Rocket Dog, Kickers, Rockport, Hush Puppies and Hunter festival wellies. An additional site covers up to a dozen less common designer trainers using a clever but simple navigation menu.

As with the Timberland and Converse branded websites on the main portfolio page, these sites are all affiliate websites taking their products and images from an external data feed.

The aim of the sites was to try to improve their positioning on Google and other search engines. Knowing that the big ecommerce shoe websites spend a lot of money on marketing, it was obvious there was no point in trying to be listed for generic search-phrases such as "shoes" or "boots". However, there is less competition for specific brands of footwear, so a site was set up for each brand that was thought to be popular.

Each website has its own hosting account but all share a common database and so can be instantly updated from a single data-file.

While initially successful, Google changed their 'rules' so that affiliate sites that just repeat content from elsewhere get marked down. Such sites can still be worthwhile, but the site owner needs to allocate time to create unique content for the websites - preferably something that's regularly updated such as relevant blog.


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