This is an example of our 'responsive' web design for desktop, iPads and smartphones.

2010 The Lighting Bug

A straightforward eCommerce site using Paypal's shopping basket system. The client's own illustrations were used to form the design of the site and the product photos show off the decorative LED and solar lighting products to their full benefit.

This was a quick and simple site allowing a small business here in Thame, Oxfordshire to have an eCommerce website selling decorative lighting chains for indoor and garden use.

The client already had a design in plan from a hand-drawn illustration, so a site was modelled around that.

An easy to use bespoke CMS allows the client to administer the products amongst various categories and also mark up specific items for seasonal activities, e.g. Christmas lights. A basic PayPal shopping cart allows people to browse and buy on the site.

The CMS allows the client to load up multiple photos to the site. These are automatically resized and thumbnails created. It's important to have decent images on an eCommerce site - you can't expect people to buy products they can barely see. If you force people to look elsewhere for a good image of a product, they're likely to buy from the other site.


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