This is an example of our 'responsive' web design for desktop, iPads and smartphones.

2017 PolyPump Industrial Pumps, Aylesabury

PolyPump is a distributor and servicing agent for major global industrial pump suppliers to the UK. They have a huge product range (around 30,000 products) from 30+ suppliers and needed a mobile-enabled website that could be kept up to date with the minimum staffing input. Such a large number of suppliers means constant price and product range changes that would quickly overwhelm any labour-intensive systems.

iCatching were able to show how a completely bespoke website and CMS would meet every one of their requirements and yet be cheaper to build and operate than any off the shelf alternative. Chief Designer at iCatching says "Most people think a bespoke design is going to be more expensive and less able that software designed and marketed by large corporations but it isn't true. We can build websites with a lower development cost, lower running costs (no licensing fees) and save the client time and money but tuning the site to meet their needs with the minimum of effort".

Their previous eCommerce website was based on a commercial CMS shopping cart system that didn't offer the flexibility to meet their needs and was slow to administer.

No commercial CMS or shopping cart software could match all of their requirements and costs would be very high for custom modifications. The alternative of accepting a reduced specification level was unacceptable for a small company needing all staff to work as much as possible on directly servicing clients

The new website is a modern responsive design using the 'Materialize' framework (based on Google's Material Design guidelines). It packs many novel features into an intuitive and interactive interface, making the selection and display of information of products quick and easy. This translates into greater sales compared to other slower and confusing websites.

Many commercial eCommerce sites default to displaying a large number of pages each displaying just a small number of products. This is a slow and irritating process for the consumer, especially on mobiles, while they navigate through, and wait for numerous pages to load. A test of a competitor's website took 48 seconds to display all 2845 products across 19 pages. This website displayed more than 8000 products on a single page in under 15 seconds (pages with fewer products are consequentially much quicker).

To help find products, we have "instant filters" that show/hide products on the page from user selections. A novel feature shows only matching products on the page as the user types in matching letters of the product. This lets them quickly find and display a few products from the thousands on the page. A traditional search feature is also included on the site

iCatching also hosts the secure site and handles the company email accounts, all within our standard low cost web-hosting package.


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