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Exhibition Panel Design

The photos how several sets of exhibition work including a series of twelve exhibition boards produced for a European lighting event (and the panels on show at the exhibition). Panels are also shown for an exhibition stand for a medical equipment company and and one large panel from a set for a company involved in bar-code readers. All produced on laminated digital-prints mounted on foamex.

Design Work

Exhibition panels are designed using the same software and process as brochures etc, but with some key differences. The obvious one is size, and care needs to be taken over the suitability of images (but countered by the normal viewing distance for the poster or board).

The main difference is knowing how much information to add to the panel. On an exhibition stand, you may have a number of panels in position for several uses. Along the front of your stand, you'll need something simple with your company name and logo. A board for a console at the front of the stand may require a photo or montage to attract the attention of passers-by.

Panels at the back of the stand would benefit from having varying amounts of detail and text - firstly to clarify the benefits of your product or service as brief bullet points. While there's no point having hundreds of line s of text on a panel, it can sometimes be handy to have some detail to postpone the exit of people while your stand-staff get around to talking to them.


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