This is an example of our 'responsive' web design for desktop, iPads and smartphones.

A4 Leaflet and Brochure Designs

The first slide shows an A 4-page A4 brochure to act as a 'shortform' for the client's products. iCatching was originally set up to produce brochures for electrical and electronic companies - before most of that industry in the UK was wiped out in the 1990s. We still enjoy producing technical brochures, leaflets and catalogues including these shown for engineering companies.

Design Work

We can quickly produce leaflets and brochures for print and pdf output and are especially skilled in production for electrical and electronics companies.

We are also able to produce graphics for the brochures such as the ones shown in the electronics component brochure and the images of electrical control gear and circuits produced for a technical manual.

We can arrange printing for both short runs, as for the housing brochure, for pdf only, as for the agricultural services leaflet, of in volume, as for the NHS leaflet.


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