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Parts Catalogue Design

A full colour cover and 2-colour inner 32 page electrical product (fuses) catalogue for a well-known UK national distributor. The inner page used duo-tone (2 colour) for reduced printing cost.

Design Work

We were contracted to produce a parts catalogue for Cefco, a large electrical components distributor, by one of their fuse suppliers.

As our design background was in electronic components, we knew exactly what the end-users required from such a publication and were able to produce a good-looking catalogue that was easy to use for engineers and equipment buyers.

Cost is often an issue with such publications, so all of the inner pages were designed to look like a colour catalogue, but use duo-tone printing where only two printing plates are required rather than the usual four or more. Apart from looking better, the use of some colour allowed the differentiation of data within the catalogue, making it easier to compare products.

The heavyweight full cover was produced in full colour to add a premium feel to the job and to stand up to many years of rough use in an engineer's too kit.


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