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Bespoke ecommerce website development


With a really good eCommerce website design, your business can appear to be equal to any high-street shop, whatever your actual business size.


Bespoke or commercial template shopping cart?

While many ecommerce websites based on off-the-shelf templates are fairly poor, the quality of some shopping carts has risen since 2011 and are now a worthwhile consideration. If you think of them as the equivalent of a flat-pack kitchen compared to one crafted especially for you, then you can see some of the differences. With the former, you have to put up with the quality and options available off-the shelf; if it doesn't quite fit your requirements then that's too bad.

Despite the advances made in commercial ecommerce shopping carts, they still have several major disadvantages:

Template sites are - Slow
The sites are so complex to allow a wide variety of websites to use them that they become very slow. Most template systems draw the site design for every page they output, wasting time.
Template sites are - Hard to use
For the same reason as above, it can be difficult to administrate such sites as you have to wade through so many layers of unwanted options. It also becomes too easy to make mistakes that can damage the code in a web-page, making it unreadable.
Template sites are - Risky
So many thousands of people use the same software package that it becomes worthwhile for hackers to break into the software. Once that happens every site is vulnerable until a software patch can be produced. Many are "one-page" systems where access to the admin lets a hacker design a page that looks like a banking login to fool the public into revealing their access codes. What would that do to your company reputation?


Bespoke sites are - Fast
The pages are part-constructed using efficient code, then quickly filled with the relevant content.
Bespoke sites are - Easy to use
The admin pages are designed around the way you already work. Whatever you need to make the task faster can be created for you.
Bespoke sites are - Safer
High security around logins, extensive normalisation of data transmitted around the site and no way to create fake pages


Bespoke ecommerce website

Back end administration for ecommerce website


A bespoke ecommerce site is crafted exactly to your need, to perform just the functions that your business requires. It will be fast because there's no unnecessary code, easy to use because the back-end administration pages are streamlined for the way you do business. Secure because it's unique and coded using best practises and secure code.

There is no possibility for a hacker creating a fake page to steal bank or account login details

Tell us what your online requirements are and we'll help you

We can give you all the information you need to make the decision between bespoke and commercial software.

We have years of experience with creating ecommerce sites and online shops so can advise on all the issues you need to consider.

If you email iCatching as soon as you consider an online store, then we can point you in the right direction and tell you what you need to consider. We're based in Bicester, Oxfordshire, handily close to the M40 if you'd like us to visit.