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2013 Infinifile Data Resource Website

Infinifile provides online access to an archive of reference materials gathered as evidence within their published reports. This site allows users to register and access any of the files. It is intended as a permanent online storage facility for both Oakdene Hollins of Aylesbury and their clients, having both a public and a private area.

At the same time as allowing access to the pdf files, the site allows our client to 'tag' files to highlight where they could perhaps offer additional services in particular industries.

The site was updated in 2013 to improve the management capabilities of the site once the client had had a year or so to develop their strategy for using the resource.

PHP, jQuery and Ajax

The site uses jQuery and Ajax to offer an improved user-experience and PHP to allow the client full control over the archiving facility. The use of Ajax means the user can register and log into the site without leaving the current page - it can be irritating to find a page of interest, log in and then find yourself somewhere else on a website! Ajax also allows a real-time window into the file resource looking at pdf files stored on the server.

While the initial design called for the file details to be searched for on the site, an update added URL rewriting so that files can be accessed through web-links. This is helpful so that pdf versions of printed reports can easily be referenced.

QR Codes

A future addition would allow the site to create QR codes and output as images to include in printed reports. The site is already capable of being accessed through QR codes due to the direct URL addressing.

High Capacity Web Hosting

Apart from designing and developing the site, we provide the long-term high capacity web and database hosting required for this project.


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