This is an example of our 'responsive' web design for desktop, iPads and smartphones.

2013 Mums the Word Nanny Agency

Mums the Word is a UK based nanny agency that franchises out opportunities for job pages in various counties. We had originally taken over an old fashioned site for them some years ago and tweaked it to keep it updated manually.

Mums the Word requested a fresh new look in 2013 and we also took the opportunity to enhance how the website is operated, making it easy for our client to run the site without input from us.

The site has a number of sections. The user-facing site uses a modern 'Metro' look & feel that helps the user quickly identify the information they need from the site and make their enquiry.

The back-end admin allows our client to create new franchise areas to sell to new franchisees, and then allows her clients to add new nannying jobs to their own franchise page. The input to the CMS is bespoke with a simple, uncluttered interface and a WYSIWYG text input.

The site also carries a number of childcare courses and our client can also administer these, connecting them up to her Paypal account automatically.

The final part is a full-featured blog using the MODX CMS. This allows us to recreate the exact design - and MODX doesn't weigh down the finished web pages with masses of slow external file resources!


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