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2010 Celandine Strategic Housing, Herefordshire

Celandine Strategic Housing is an independent consultancy providing independent, expert advice, research and project management to the housing sector. They specialise in rural affordable housing, planning for housing and housing for older people and are based in Buckinghamshire.

The site uses PHP and a Wordpress blog to allow the client to make her own updates. We also provide web-hosting and spam-filtered email services for the account.

The obvious design element given the company name is a Celandine flower - a nice detail on each page is that different petals are coloured in.

The site has a mix of static web pages plus some controlled by a simple CMS that the client can update. The site also has an opt-in mailing list sign-up.

Mailing Lists

We'd always recommend using a proper third-party company for email marketing (e.g. Mailchimp) and we can integrate sign ups with their systems. Above all, we can never recommend buying in a mailing list - none of the email addresses on it will have signed up to receive emails from you!

We are happy to set up MailChimp accounts and create some templates that you can then use to send out your email marketing (or we can handle all of that for you too).


We also developed a page within the site as a portal for an associate company, and printed leaflets and created pdf files for the same.


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