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Long Term Web Design Relationship with local Buckinghamshire Consultancy

Case study on the web design for a Buckinghamshire consultancy

Oakdene Hollins are a research and consulting company working with business in several sectors to support change toward more sustainable and less carbon-intensive products, processes, services and supply chains. They have a suite of offices over several floors in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and are active around the UK, Europe and USA at workshops and lectures.


Website Design

As of March 2013, we're currently updating the third-generation website designed for Oakdene Hollins in 2010, with our first site for the company going live back in 2000. In the meantime, we've also developed several generations of websites for three specific areas of their business.

We're sure our retention as their website designer isn't just because they like our website designs! It's important to understand a customer and what benefits you can bring to them.

Design Consultant

We work with many individuals within a client's management system, all of whom may have their own ideas on a feature the website needs or a better colour scheme or font.

It's our job to listen to everyone because the customer knows their own business and clients better than we can. However, we're never reticent about saying when we believe an idea isn't a good one - and importantly, we identify what's wrong and what would be a better option.



Uniform Reuse Website

Workwear sustainability website

This can almost be considered as a sub-sub-brand! It is within the scope of remanufacturing but a niche area covering the reuse of workwear clothing. We reused the database-driven Google map resource from the main CRR site and limit the output to just clothing and fabrics. The design was quite different from the other websites as there was collaboration with other consultancy companies and academia. Uniform Reuse

Data Resource Website

data resource website design

As with most consultancy businesses, Oakdene Hollins produce a huge amount of written reports as pdf files and they wanted to make it easier for clients to find copies. All reports now have a code number on the back that allows the reader to find an electronic pdf version immediately.

This website is a completely different style and branding to their other websites - it is a resource that may be useful to other consultancy firms. Infinifile