This is an example of our 'responsive' web design for desktop, iPads and smartphones.

24 Hour Gym Website with Real-time processing and door unlocking

Case study on the web design for a 24-hour gym

Kiss Gyms started in 2011 with a proposal to us for providing all of the programming to allow users to sign-up to their gyms, pay online and gain instant access to the gym. The difficulty was that the gyms are unmanned, so all of the payment-processing, communications with the company's servers, and operation of the locking mechanism on the gym doors had to be fully automatic.

The ultimate aim was to allow someone to be outside the gym, pay online with their smart-phone, receive their access code, unlock the doors and start their gym session straight away. That has been achieved successfully, and the gyms also have stand-alone web-kiosks outside to do the same function.