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2010 William Horwood Official Website

William Horwood is an Oxford-based best-selling fantasy novel writer. After recently having great success with 'The Boy with no Shoes', based on William’s own heartbreaking boyhood, he has just published Hyddenworld:Spring – the first of four new fantasy novels. The site includes book reviews, a blog, features, personal appearances and interviews. Work on the site included creating images to represent William's fantasy work, and creating pages to allow him to regularly update the site and keep in contact with his readership. You can buy William's latest book, Hyddenworld:Spring on Amazon
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This is the official website for the Oxford-based author, William Horwood, writer of well known books such as Skallagrigg and the Duncton Chronicles. His latest series of books is currently being published and this site will evolve to promote each one as it is released.

Wordpress Blog

The site design also included a 'theme' for a Wordpress blog where William can keep in touch with his many fans. In this case, a blog is better than Facebook or twitter, as it gives more scope for detail and images.

Rather than just linking to an external blog, we incorporated several links within the main navigation to take users to specific categories in hos blog. Both the main site and the blog are hosted by iCatching.


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